Cyberspace as a place of artistic production

Keywords: Web/net art, Contemporary art, Art system, Art in Brazil


Report of the research project on art and internet that has been developed since 2005, in order to understand the transformations that the penetration of the internet in contemporary society has caused in artistic practices and in the art system. The social distance imposed by the control of Covid-19 triggered an intense process of using the internet in the field of visual arts that was, in many ways and until very recently, quite resistant to the penetration of this medium. Thus, this research report, by highlighting a reflective production on the use of the internet by the visual arts, which points out aspects of the path that has been taken in the occupation of cyberspace as an art place, brings contributions to reflect on the current situation.


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Author Biography

Maria Am elia

Maria Amélia Bulhões é Doutora pela Universidade de São Paulo, USP (1990), com pós doc nas Universidades de Paris I, Sorbonne (1995/97) e Universidade Politécnica de Valencia (2005/07). Professora titular e orientadora do PPG Artes Visuais da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS. Atual presidente da Associação Brasileira de Críticos de Arte, ABCA. Foi presidente da Associação Nacional de Pesquisa em Artes Plásticas, ANPAP (1993/95). Autora dos livros Arte Contemporânea no Brasil, C/ Arte (2019); Pela Arte Contemporânea: desdobramentos de um projeto, EDUFRGS (2017); As novas regras do jogo: o sistema da arte contemporânea (2014); e Web arte e poéticas do território (2011).

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