Authors Guidelines

Manuscripts written in Portuguese, English or Spanish are acceptable;

The authors should submit a short bio with a maximum of 5 lines.

The following instructions must be observed:

- Format A4 margins 2.5cm, font Arial 12 and line 1,5;
- The full text must contain a minimum of 3,000 and a maximum of 6,000 words;
- Title/Título (maximum of 120, including spaces);
- Abstract/Resumo (maximum of 150 words);
- Key-words/Palavras-chave (maximum of 5);
- Objectives;
- Methodology;
- Theoretical reference;
- Development of the subject studied;
- Discussions;
- Final considerations;
- Bibliographic references;
- Citations of up to three lines are integrated into the body of the text and are enclosed in quotation marks;
- Quotes of more than three lines should be typed in a single paragraph, with single spacing between the lines, 11 pt body and 4 cm indentation from the left margin of the text;
- The text, as well as the baseboard notes and the bibliographical references, must obey the ABNT standards for bibliographic citations;
- Only mentioned works are considered bibliographical references. It is requested that these be organized in alphabetical order;
- It is recommended that notes do not exceed three lines and they are inserted at the end of the text;
- Authors are asked to provide figures, tables, tables, and graphics used in the text at a resolution of 150 dpi;
- It is requested that at least one of these illustrations also fits the format 24 x 18.5 cm (and its resolution is at 300 dpi);
- When there is a direct reference to a particular image, its position should be indicated in parentheses in the body of the text (Figure 1), (Figure 2) etc ;
- The figure should be accompanied by a respective caption, image credit, and source;
- The image file(s) for illustrations should be sent separately from the text and identified with the same nomenclature (Figure 1) (Figure 2) etc.