A maloca-museum for Feliciano Lana, the son of the drawings of dreams

Keywords: Indigenous art, Contemporary art, Legacy, Memory


When a master dies he takes a multitude of experiences and knowledge with him, that’s how we felt when we lost Mr. Feliciano Lana, an indigenous of the Desana people that Covid-19 took in this world health crisis. The text I share here is a claim to what Mr Feliciano Lana represents to contemporary indigenous artists and also an attempt to take his memory beyond the indian-village boundaries. It is necessary to understand Lana’s production as an important geography in which we can rethink Brazilian art, or original art. The legacy that Lana leaves us is a database, magical and everyday knowledge that connect the worlds, which need to be studied, preserved and shared with everyone, especially those who are yet to be born. As an indian artist, I need to take care of memory so that it is present in living thoughts, because understanding the past is taking care to make the future a good experience for those who will come. It is necessary as an artist to think about an art-pussanga and a maloca-museum to expand the meaning of art.


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Author Biography

Denilson Baniwa

Denilson Baniwa, 36 anos, nasceu em Mariuá, no Rio Negro, Amazonas. Sua trajetória como artista inicia-se a partir das referências culturais de seu povo já na infância. Na juventude, o artista inicia a sua trajetória na luta pelos direitos dos povos indígenas e transita pelo universo não-indígena apreendendo referenciais que fortaleceriam o palco dessa resistência. Denilson Baniwa é um artista antropófago, pois apropria-se de linguagens ocidentais para descolonizá-las em sua obra. O artista em sua trajetória contemporânea consolida-se como referência, rompendo paradigmas e abrindo caminhos ao protagonismo dos indígenas no território nacional

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Baniwa, D. . (2020). A maloca-museum for Feliciano Lana, the son of the drawings of dreams. DAT Journal, 5(3), 42-46. https://doi.org/10.29147/dat.v5i3.245
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