Digital Game Design: a comparative analysis on design frameworks


  • Priscilla Maria Cardoso Garone Universidade Anhembi Morumbi



me design, game, design framework, method


To play is often known as a voluntary process in a temporary sphere witha unique disposition. In contemporaneity, games are a promising field for appli-cation and study, since they are sociocultural products with great impacts on theeconomy and in technology. Throughout the history of the development of thismedium, several design models have been disseminated through the literaturefor the development of digital games. Therefore, this study presents the themethrough literature review and comparative method to describe different designapproaches and frameworks, in order to highlight the similarities and differenc-es between the stages of the game development process. The results expose thecontribution by reflecting on the comparative analysis of different game designframeworks and highlight the most frequent incidences and gaps found.


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Author Biography

Priscilla Maria Cardoso Garone, Universidade Anhembi Morumbi

É designer, professora e pesquisadora na área de jogos digitais. Doutora em Design pela Universidade Anhembi Morumbi,realizou pesquisa sobre Design de Jogose Educação a Distância. É professora adjunta do Departamento de Desenho Industrial da Universidade Federal doEspírito Santo e coordena os projetos de ilustração, audiovisual e design digitaldo Laboratório de Design Instrucional.


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