Cataloguing and indexing system for samples of materials related to design projects for the use in materials collections


  • Denise Dantas
  • Cristiane Aun Bertoldi



Materials collection, Materials for design, Classification, Cataloguing


This paper describes a cataloguing and indexing system for materials related to design projects developed for Materialize - materials collection for design and architecture from FAUUSP. The Cataloguing System of Sample Con guration (CSSC) has been structured in such a way as to allow for more possibilities of comparisons among various samples of a materials collection during both the teaching and the practice of design and architecture projects. CSSC considers sensory and formal aspects as fundamental for the selection of materials and favours the juxtaposition of samples with similar con gurations. It uses the Decimal System of Classi cation of Materials (DEL CURTO, 2000) and its formal classi cation of samples. The Cataloguing System of Sample Con guration establishes the indexing of the code number based on the Cutter-Sanborn Table used in Library Science for authors ́ notation.


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