Third Generation Electronic Literature


  • Leonardo Flores



Eletronic Literature, E-lit, Third generation E-lit, Memes


The history of electronic literature is inextricably linked to the history of computing and networks. As computers become increasingly powerful, accessible, and ubiquitous, so is their user base. As digital networks migrated from dial-up to the Web and corporate social media networks, the scale of digital communication and the public grew exponentially. Assuming that a percentage of users of these media seek to creatively explore the writing possibilities offered by these technologies, we could expect an equivalent level of growth in the production and publication of electronic literature. is this true? What if this is happening, but in a way that is not recognizable by the field as it currently defines itself? What is the place of electronic literature in our exhaustively connected world How can it become better known? To begin answering these questions, this article describes a paradigm shift that opens the door to the third generation of electronic literature.


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Author Biography

Leonardo Flores

Leonardo Flores é professor e presidente do Departamento de Inglês da Appalachian State University e presidente da  Electronic Literature Organization. Ele foi bolsista Fulbright no programa de Cultura Digital da Universidade de Bergen na Noruega (2012-13) e professor da Universidade de Porto Rico: Campus Mayagüez (1994-2019). Suas áreas de pesquisa são literatura eletrônica, com foco na poesia digital e na história e crescimento estratégico da área. Ele é conhecido por I ♥ E-Poetry, Coleção de Literatura Eletrônica, Volume 3, “Literatura Eletrônica de Terceira Geração” e Lit (e) Lat Anthology, Volume 1. Para obter mais informações sobre sua pesquisa, visite


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