Projects, materials and processes

  • Rachel Zuanon
  • Gilbertto Prado
  • Cláudio Lima Ferreira


DATJournal marks the 10th anniversary of the PhD and Master´s Design Program at Anhembi Morumbi University [UAM], which has two research focuses: Design Theory, History and Criticism / Design: Interactive and Emerging Media. This issue is dedicated to discuss the state of the art of research related to Materials, Manufacturing/Design Processes, as well as the issues involving the interdisciplinarity between Design, Architecture, Engineering and manufacturing processes. This DATJournal edition is organized by Rachel Zuanon, Gilbertto Prado and Cláudio Lima Ferreira and share contributions from researchers and professionals in these fields of knowledge through thirteen full papers.


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Zuanon, R., Prado, G., & Ferreira, C. L. (2016). Transdisciplinarities: Projects, materials and processes. DAT Journal, 1(2), 1.