Editorial Dossiers Healthy(s) + PPG DTI UNIFATEA + LINK Symposium


  • Gilbertto Prado
  • Sérgio Nesteriuk
  • Cristiane Mesquita
  • Henrique Martins Galvão
  • Wellington de Oliveira
  • Rosinei Batista Ribeiro
  • Marcos Mortensen Steagall




In this issue of the DATJournal we have 3 dossiers. The first of them, with the guest editor at the UAM Graduate Program Professor Cristiane Mesquita, we have the dossier Healthy(s): Zigzags between Art, Philosophy and Design. The texts reflect on this moment, in the midst of the pandemic of COVID 19, the crisis of values and the war between modes of existence - but also amidst the creation and pulsation of the most diverse forms of struggle and resistance.


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How to Cite

Prado, G., Nesteriuk, S., Mesquita, C., Galvão, H. M., Oliveira, W. de, Ribeiro, R. B., & Steagall, M. M. (2021). Editorial Dossiers Healthy(s) + PPG DTI UNIFATEA + LINK Symposium. DAT Journal, 6(2), 1–18. https://doi.org/10.29147/dat.v6i2.379