Design, Stone, Wood and Natural Fiber

An experiment for Development of new product


  • Karla Pacheco
  • Susana Paixão-Barradas
  • Almir Pacheco
  • Patrícia dos Santos
  • Magnólia Quirino



Natural Resources, International Cooperation, Product Design


The study presents an experiment with three different natural raw materials:
stone, wood and natural fiber for products development, serving commercial environments with a regional focus: hotels and restaurants. It aimed to train the students of the UFAM Design Course to design decorative objects through the technology and professional experience of four teaching and research institutions in Brazil and Europe. It used the qualitative method, with a descriptive, explanatory, exploratory and experimental character, applying the bibliographical survey, in situ observation and case analysis. As results, 13 (thirteen) prototypes were generated based on the studies performed.


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Pacheco, K., Paixão-Barradas, S., Pacheco, A., Santos, P. dos, & Quirino, M. (2017). Design, Stone, Wood and Natural Fiber: An experiment for Development of new product. DAT Journal, 2(2).