Data-Incarnations: The Metaphysics of Morphogenesis




Incarnation, Data Sculptures, Data Visualization, Morphogenesis, Metaphysics


From Edgar Wind, incarnation is seen as the place where empirical experi­ence and metaphysical foundation meet in the single cognitive and experiential act. His philosophy of incarnation provides a broad basis for reflection on the relationship between technique and aesthetic thinking, considering that image plays a role in the artistic field comparable to the one the experiment plays in science. From this per­spective, the technical tool is subject to the same laws that are intended to be tested and, the choice of the instrument, embodies an entire world system. extending this philosophy to explore the ways information can be encapsulated in data-sculptures generated from morphogenetic design strategies, and materialized via digital fabri­cation tools, it is presented a discussion on how these objects and the processes and tools involved in its production can subvert the objectiveness in the very idea of in­formation visualization.


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Author Biography

Clarissa Ribeiro

Doutora em Artes pela ECA USP, ex integrante do grupo Poéticas Digitais e pesquisadora visitante do Planetary Collegium (Doutorado Sanduiche), ex-bolsista de pós-doutorado em Artes da Fundação Fulbright vinculada ao UCLA Art|Sci Center/James Gimzewski Lab, colabora como membro do UCLA Art|Sci Collective desde 2013. É a chair das primeiras LASER talks da Leonardo/ISAST a serem abrigadas no Brasil/América Latina desde 2017 e é parecerista do projeto Leonardo LABS. Com interesse nas dinâmicas informacionais transescalares e no comportamento emergente em sistemas complexos adaptativos, seus trabalhos nas interseções entre arte, tecnologia e ciências tem sido apresentados e exibidos em eventos de relevância internacional.


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