The Assemblage Robotic Plant: A Design Approach


  • Marilia Lyra Bergamo



Assemblage, Robotics Design, Physical Computing


This article presents an approach to the design of robotics that values the notion of assemblage. The term assemblage can represent an intermediate state between iterative and design experimentation. Developing robotic integrated systems, such as small network communication between metastable individuals, is costly. As a result, fully integrated automated systems are usually preferred over experimental open methods. That integra[1]ted automated process diminishes the potential of establishing assemblage in favours of more arborescent solutions. Here it will present an approach that concentrates on the stability of the microcontroller board and allows the development of the assemblage. At the same time, it opens the exploring potential of differential parts in physical computing.


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Author Biography

Marilia Lyra Bergamo

Has been a computer artist and lecturer of Design and Digital Art for the last fifteen years. As an artist, she sought to produce and research art related to interaction, digital images and the concept of evolution and interaction with digital systems. Now her research and production emphasize Art, Poetics and Computer Technology, Complex Systems, and Design for interactive media. She is working mainly on the following topics: art and digital systems, computer art, artificial life, interaction design, and the creation of multimodal interfaces.


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