The Chair as a portrait of human Body: The Representation of the Object to the Designers-Artists


  • Adriana Sousa Fernandes
  • Suzi Maria Mariño
  • Maria Virginia Gordilho



Chair and human body, Design-art, Aspects of form


The chair seats the human body, identifies and reflects the memory of its silhouette and gives meaning to what it reproduces, something or someone, for there is a presence that suggests a similar image, a mirror. Starting from the question “How to interpret the formal similarity of the chair with the body? “, This paper aims to show the chair as the real expression of the body, which, in turn, is the fact that generates its form. For the accomplishment of this study, the comparative and descriptive method was used, from which an investigation
was made on the furniture produced by designers-artists, allowing a comparison of the morphology adapted to the artifact. These have forms of corporeity, with which we have made comparisons and artistic overlays, demonstrating the use of the body as an image of universal value, in which it is a desire of the form that is indicated by the chair, causing new sensory perceptions.


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