The typography expressivity

Brand art galleries


  • Regina Cunha Wilke



Typography, Brands, Art Galleries, Vila Madalena


Currently, Vila Madalena neighborhood concentrates a large number of art galleries in the city of São Paulo, with different artistic and conceptual ideas, testifing the phenomenon of diversity of proposals in the field of perceivable visual arts in contemporary times. The aim of this paper is to investigate how the graphic mark of these galleries express their differential, focusing on typographic elements allied to color, shape and support. This study identifies the profile and positioning of selected galleries, its brands, the stylistic characteristics of typefaces used and its relationship with other graphic elements. The article relies on typographic style concepts developed by scholars Rocha (2012) and Spikerman (1999), mark investigated by Costa (2012) and Wheeler (2012). It is hope with the article, to understand the significant role of typography in the context of art galleries.


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