The history of Afro-Brazilian art as the history of Afro-Brazilian art exhibitions

  • Claudinei Roberto da Silva
Keywords: Colonialism, History, Circulation / Art, Racism


The protests triggered by the murder of the African American George Floyd once again denounce the structural racism that characterizes Western societies from all quarters, the violence that hit has been promoted by the State and is the same that everyday annihilate in the suburbs of the whole world the lives
of female and male blacks, notably the youngest, and confirms that inequality is an indelible mark not only of societies subjected to the colonialist yoke but also of those who promote it. This has suggested, or rather, demanded the construction of new pedagogical strategies and ethical protocols that make it possible to consolidate and make visible divergent narratives that contemplate the symbolic production of historically excluded groups for the benefit of more democratic and plural social scenarios. Therefore, the role that the arts play in the construction of anti and/or non-racist and anti-colonial imaginary is central, which making essential the construction and diffusion of a story that contemplates this option.


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Author Biography

Claudinei Roberto da Silva

Claudinei Roberto da Silva nasceu em São Paulo em 1963, professor licenciado em Educação Artística pelo Departamento de Artes da USP, artista visual, e curador. Algumas curadorias: Sidney Amaral “O Banzo, o amor e a Cozinha” no museu Afro Brasil e a série “PretAtitude: insurgência, emergência e afirmação na arte afro-brasileira contemporânea” que visitou 5 unidades do Sesc SP. Coordenou entre outros, o núcleo educativo do museu Afro Brasil.

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