Art and ecological awareness


  • Suzete Venturelli
  • Anelise Witt
  • Artur Cabral Reis
  • José Loures



Gameart, contemporary poetics, art, ecology awareness, ecological philosophy


The article presents gameart work developed within the scope of MediaLab /
UnB where there is a tendency to explore issues that mix art and ecological awareness. One of the projects developed in the laboratory was Extinction! Which was partnered with Greenpeace, the play consisted of a game in which the player by capturing a ape helped in the actual preservation of the species; and the Paulista Invaders, which was exhibited in a building adapted as a digital interface, on Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, whose gameart aims to coexistence of cyclists and drivers in Brazilian cities. It discusses how the game market presents environmental issues, and how they relate
to the poetics presented in works in gameart.


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Venturelli, S., Witt, A., Reis, A. C., & Loures, J. (2017). Gameart: Art and ecological awareness. DAT Journal, 2(1), 44–54.