Undoing the Academic Self

Performing Critique and Uncertainty within Practice-led PhD





Academic labour, Fluid methodologies, Performative uncertainties, Self-management, Practice-led research


Rumen Rachev’s performance “undoes” the intellectual labour of a PhD student by unsettling the emerging conventions, or systemization of practice-led-research (Buckley and Conomos 2009; Hasman 2006). Rather than following an orderly approach to practice-led research, Rachev’s fluid methodologies (Coleman and Ringrose 2013; Koro-Ljungberg 2016) promote un examen minutieux of what is meant by the ‘production of knowledge’ in the Art and Design field. Through questioning the role of critique in the academic domain, and examining the undoing the academic self via performance, this paper provides an insight into the relations between institutional critique and academic labour, while using the academia as the main stage.


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