The game as a design method in graphic design


  • Leopoldo Augusto Leal
  • Vicente Gil Filho



Graphic Design, Play, Design Method, Design Practice, Typography


This paper aims to demonstrate that playing can be a project method in graphic design, by understanding play as an act of entertainment and recreation.
This concept was addressed by the authors Johan Huizinga, in Homo Ludens, Richard Sennet, in The Craftsman, and also by the designer Paul Rand, who describes play as an inseparable part of design practice. To show how the play processes work, one resorted to the author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who describes the flow and feedback during the process of playing. To exemplify these theoretical concepts in project practice, an exercise was developed with students who attend the Typography class for the postgraduate degree in Editorial Design at Senac University Center, in April 2015.


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